Carina Bauer - IMEX Group, CEO


"The Convention Bureau of Poland was fantastic in helping us to organise the first-ever IMEX Challenge in 2010. It was a CSR project that we wanted to do for IMEX and for the whole industry. And having the Convention Bureau of Poland pull it together for us made it possible for us to do it. It was a fantastic experience for everybody that was involved. And more than that, it created a fantastic experience for the children in the Foster Home with the garden that we created. Working with the Convention Bureau of Poland for the first-ever IMEX Challenge in 2010 was a fantastic experience. They made it possible for us to do the IMEX Challenge and moreover they made it possible for the children in that garden to experience a wonderful garden."

Jon_BradshawcroppedJonathan Bradshaw - Meetings Mindset, founder; foremer IMEX Business Development Director


"We took the first-ever IMEX Challenge in Poland in 2010. It was amazing. CSR – they know all about it. We really recommend it."


Ruud Janssen - The New Objective Collective, founder


"Poland is breaking the barriers of  a proactive, innovation industry. And I find it exciting to see how it’s going. When I was able to visit and experience an event in Poland, the passion and creativity, it was outstanding and I think it’s a country that’s gearing up for the next stage of excitement and the meeting and events industry. So it really moves your imagination. I find that the efficiency, and proactive approach of business is remarkable and something to look out for as a new force in Europe. So go forward Poland!"


Olivier Lépine - Biarritz Tourisme, Director; European Cities Marketing


"Just a little note to thank you very very much for your superb welcome. This last summer school was an excellent one and you are really part of this success.
Your very friendly and professional welcome was appreciated by everyone, the weather was fantastic, the food excellent, the closing evening memorable, and the presence twice of Ms Magdalena Sroka very appreciated.
All the little gifts will remind us of Krakow for a long time, and the presentations were good, so we can say that KRAKOW was a real success!"

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